Boredom busters – or how to save your washing and the couch

September 15, 2016
Environmental enrichment is something people don’t often think about.

Does your dog ever chew things they shouldn’t or dig holes, or pull the clothes off the clothesline?

Boredom is the same for animals as it is for humans.

How would you like to be put in a backyard for eight hours a day with nothing to do?

I bet you would get bored too.

No wonder our animals are pulling things off the line and making a mess, they have to entertain themselves somehow.

In zoos they have found lack of stimulation causes a lot of abnormal behavioral changes and is why, for example, orangutans have a roster with more than 200 things for them to do.

It’s important they have at least six to eight different toys that are changed around every couple of days so they don’t lose interest.

And it’s not just dogs who get bored, cats also get up to mischief when they have nothing to do.

There are so many ways to keep your pet entertained while you are not there.

Kongs are absolutely fantastic as you can stuff their food in there and it also promotes chewing, as well as cleaning their teeth.

Scatter feeding is also a great idea as they need to work to get their food by sniffing all through the backyard to find it.

There are so many toys out there that can keep your pet entertained while you are not there.

The company Aussie Dog has many toys that are sturdy – and also safe – for your pet.

From things that roll and make noise, to things that release food when they shake it.

Cats can also have some fun with a Kong that is specifically designed for a cat.

And while there are toys they have to hunt or find they aren’t the only thing that can be of benefit.

If you have an indoor cat make sure they have a scratching post, one big enough for them to stretch up and scratch.

A lot of people don’t realise they must be this big and they often wonder why their cat refuses to use their post but will use the couch instead.

Also think about making a cat run so they can enjoy the outdoors too.

Another good thing you can do is leave the radio on so they can hear something different rather than silence.

There are so many ways to keep your pet happy while you are not there.

When looking for toys please make sure they are size appropriate so they can’t swallow them and end up in here having a very expensive surgery.

Cheap toys are another thing to be aware of, as they often have small parts that can be chewed off and swallowed.

Feel free to come in and talk to one of us about boredom busting, and ways we can help you and your pet.

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